Whatever the guitar or the problem, we can get it up and running and sounding better than the day you bought it.

Did you know:  New guitars often times come to you setup from the manufacturer with too much neck relief and the action set too high?  Or that the neck of your guitar can begin to bow over time from playing?  And if the ball of the strings are not seated in the bridge plate correctly, the bridge plate can become gnarled and ruin the quality of the soundboard?  We can fix all of these issues for you through a standard setup or general maintenance services.

We will make it look brand new with fret polishing, fretboard conditioning, and a good spit shine.  A professional setup does not just involve making it play better, it helps to make it sound better too.  

  • Intonation adjustment

  • Adjust string height to accommodate neck radius

  • Nut and saddle lubrication to ensure string strength and consistent tuning

  • Adjust truss rod

  • Professional tuning