Who We Are

Have you ever been accused of loving your guitar more than your significant other?  Do you find yourself daydreaming about gear, gizmo's, or that wicked list of mods you'd love see done to your axe?  The Guitar Spa of Mobile not only understands, but can cater to your every desire.

Started in 2012, The Guitar Spa of Mobile took a leap of faith with this in mind: Musicians deserve a music shop where top-notch customer service, and the pursuit for optimal playability and sonic perfection meet. 

  • Professional setups
  • Custom electronic mods 
  • Handmade scatter-wound pickups
  • Custom builds
  • Custom paints
  • Restoration
  • Consignment sales and much much more!

You will have an expert technician who is a seasoned guitarist, of 15 years, doing all the work and repairs. Not only does he understand your woes and frustrations, but he aims to impress, and seeks 100% customer satisfaction


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Amp board
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What We Do

electronic components

B-Band Pickup Installation

Electric Pickup Replacement

Amp Repair

EMG Pickup Installation

Volume/Tone Potentiometers

All General Electronic Repairs

custom body works

Finish/Paint Stripping Body, Neck, & Head

Custom Body, Neck, & Head Paint/Finish

Full Guitar/Bass Assembly

Instrument & Hardware Relicing

Custom Pick guards

Custom Neck Plates

Hardware Customization & Replacement

Complete Detailing

Setups & Repairs

Electric Guitar & Bass Setup

Acoustic Guitar & Bass Setup

Specialty guitar/bass setup

String change & tinning

Saddle Replacement

Compensating Saddle Replacement

Floyd Rose Tremolo

Bridge Swap

Bone Nut Replacement

All General Guitar Repairs


The Owner

Kevin Williams, Guitar Technician Extraordinaire

Kevin Williams, Guitar Technician Extraordinaire