Did you know...

  • that scratchy sound that you hear when you turn your knobs could be a bad potentiometer?
  • the popping, scratching, and sloppy switch movement could mean you have a bad switch?
  • if your jack is lose and twisting or you feel your cord hit the back of the jack means the jack needs to be replaced?

Often times guitars get pushed to the side by players because of electronic components need to be replaced.  Position one on the switch sounds the same as positions two and three.  Every time the volume knob gets turned, there is a loud scratching sound coming through the amp.  The two bottom pickups work great but the pickup on the neck is dead.  All of these issues can be remedied at The Guitar Spa.  Here are just a few of the services we provide:

  • Potentiometer replacement
  • Pickup replacement
  • Acoustic guitar pickup installation
  • Input jack replacement/installation
  • Switch installation

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